In the suburbs of Chicago a blend of country, pop and rock comes together through acoustic and distorted guitars in the music of kristian keith. Mostly known as the frontman of Chicago's local heavy-rock band Thanatopsis, kristian keith releases and presents his solo music on the internet via various independent musician sites as well as facebook, twitter, and

With a couple releases over the past decade, in 2011 kristian keith released his first fresh single Savannah Heat, a song inspired and dedicated to his mom who in July 2011 was diagnosed with stage Iv melanoma. 2012 promises more singles to come from new material to revamped Thanatopsis songs. Be sure to keep yourself up-to-date with the music by kristian keith.

June 2013

So for fun I entered a karoake contest being held at Gusto's in Crest Hill, IL. I have made it to the final round which is June 14, 2013. Be great if you could make it out and support me! Starts at 9:00pm!

Gusto's Bar & Grill
2115 Plainfield Road
Crest Hill, IL
Friday, June 14, 2013

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May 2012
Just released on May 13, 2012 is the new music video of Savannah Heat. The video gives a glimpse into the lives of my parents who met when they were 12 and celebrate their 37 years of marriage this year. Please feel free to leave your feedback in the guestbook!  

April 2012

So another month and another NEW song to be released. This is the second song I recorded in my basement studio, 6ft Studio, and I played all the parts except for the bass drum and snare which I used a sound sample. I hope you enjoy Monotone, the 3rd song for the upcoming full length album Savannah Heat!

Click here to take a listen

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March 2012

Happy March everyone. Over the past week I have made a couple additions to the website. I have added the ability for you to join my e-mail newsletter. I don't expect to send out many newsletter emails at this time. Maybe once a month, so no worries about your inbox being filled with kristian keith spam :) I have also added a general guestbook to give you a way to communicate your thoughts on my music, site and whatever else you would like to discuss.

Right now I am working on a new song Monotone which I hope to release by April. I will keep you posted via here, facebook, and twitter.

February 2012

Happy February 2012 - one month completed and one new song to release to you. This is the first song I have recorded, mixed, and mastered myself in over 10 years. Hope you enjoy The Tide!

Click here to listen

January 2012
Happy 2012 everyone! Throughout January I have been recording a new song, The Tide. I am hoping to get it out by the end of this month or early February. Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year so far!
December 2011
  I am proud to announce the release of Savannah Heat. A song dedicated to my mom, who in July 2011 was diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma. After having brain surgery, radio surgery, lung surgery, weeks of whole head radiation and now a new drug she is still fighting the cancer. She has shown me what real strength is and doing the only thing I really know how to do, I wrote this song about her life and the deep impact she has had on me personally and emotionally. I love you mom. Click here to listen.

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